Over the years I’ve amassed a list of web sites that have strong content about AJAX. Iv’e managed to whittle it down to ten.

This list will change often.



Other than having a domain that clearly indicates a focus on AJAX, this site offers create content about not only AJAX, but also other web-development technologies.



Mozilla Developer Network’s introductory page on AJAX is a portal to some of the best content on AJAX out there.

XMLHttpRequest – Web API reference | MDN


AJAX ain’t nothin’ without the XMLHttpRequest. As usual, Mozilla Developer Network provides a high-quality article on the subject.

Ajax | jQuery Learning Center


Although I am a believer that any front-end developer should have a strong understanding of AJAX in the context of native JavaScript, this site is a fantastic resource from the folks at jQuery.

Ajax Tutorial for Beginners: Part 1 – CodeProject


A little old, but a solid article on AJAX from the good folks at The Code Project

The Best Way to Learn JavaScript | Nettuts+


Nettuts+ is always a great resource for front-end web development advice. Here they offer guidance on how to get started with AJAX.

Microsoft Ajax Overview


It’s from Microsoft, but it’s not a bad article : – )

Ajax : The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site


If you are a .NET developer, this is a great launch point for .NET specific AJAX content.

A Beginner’s Guide to Using AJAX in Your Website


This article from onextrapixel.com is a good read if you are completely new to the concept of AJAX.

Ajax: A New Approach to Web Applications – Adaptive Path


This link is not so much a tutorial, but it is the the article that started it all. Jesse James Garrett’s original post that got everyone talking and made the XMLHttpRequest object a rock star.

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