Dependency: spring-boot-configuration-processor unknown

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JavaScript LogoWhen adding spring-boot-configuration-processor as a dependency, Maven > Reimport is needed

In my Spring Boot project, I was just attempting to add a dependency section to my pom.xml file. The groupId is org.springframework.boot, and the artifactId is spring-boot-configuration-processor. But IntelliJ IDEA highlights spring-boot-configuration-processor in BOLD RED and shows the error: “spring-boot-configuration-processor unknown.” The whole problem started because in my .java file, I was attempting to use the @EnableConfigurationProperties annotation.

A few minutes of searching led me to the page: Maven Repository: org.springframework.boot » spring-boot-configuration-processor » 1.5.4.RELEASE. Since I am using the 1.5.4.RELEASE version of org.springframework.boot.spring-boot-starter-parent, this sure looked like the exact page I needed.

Unfortunately, even with what appeared to be the exact and correct config properties, the BOLD RED highlighting and error persisted.

After some searching I found out that Maven > Reimport is needed. The steps to fix this are simple:

  • Right-click your project
  • Click Maven
  • Click Reimport

The above screenshot shows the menu. After a Reimport, the BOLD RED highlighting and error went away. The article Spring Boot Support in Spring Tool Suite 3.6.4 references Spring Tools Suite, but the content of the post led me in the right direction towards solving the problem. Scroll down to where you see the text: “Add this to the pom.xml”. That section might be helpful to you. But instead of Maven >> Update Project it’s Maven >> Reimport.