The main difference between a back-end and a front-end web programming language is where the code is executed. In this video, I demonstrate how a back-end programming language is executed on the server, whereas a front-end web programming language is executed in the browser.

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Back-End Programming Languages

While there are certainly a number of back-end web programming languages, for this video I use PHP. I demonstrate who the server escapes the opening / closing PHP tags and executes whatever code is inside of them. I’ll also show you how the client can send a message to the web server in order to dynamically alter the HTML that is served.

Front-End Programming Languages

The list here is pretty short: JavaScript. Every modern web browser understands JavaScript. In this video I demonstrate how JavaScript is executed on the client-side (i.e. in the browser). I show you how JavaScript code is delivered from the server, but executed on the client. I’l also show you how to run arbitrary JavaScript code in the client using The FireFox plugin: FireBug.