MyJson LogoSometimes you need to call an API that is not ready yet

So you are working on your front-end code. You have crafted you JavaScript so that it is clever and optimized. Check. You’ve created your “makeHttpRequest” method, and configured a success callback. Check. But there is one problem: the back-end team has not completed the API call that you have to make. Rats.

Sure, you can just create some static “dummy” data. But that is not the same thing as an HTTP request, and your code will not be asynchronous. Ok, so you could wrap your static data assignment in a setTimeout. Yeah, that’s it…. nah, just not the same thing as making a real HTTP request. Double rats. saves the day on this one.

This site is so dammed cool, I can’t get over it. You simply add some valid JSON into the large text area, and then click the “Save” button. You are then taken to a page that shows you two things: your JSON and a URL that you can use to make an HTTP request for your JSON. In other words, you just created your very own API call that returns the exact JSON that you need. Sorry folks, this one is better than the Beatles.

At first I was wondering: “…wait a minute. How can I make an HTTP request like this when can not possibly have added my silly little test domain to their whitelist for the CORS header?” (yes, I actually talk to myself like this. it’s kind of scary). Well, after about five seconds in the network panel, I see “Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *” . Nice.


I literally cannot even begin to imagine the countless hours this would have saved me in the past. Yeah, sure you can spin up something like this on your own, but good gosh; copy, paste, API! how much easier could this be.

Serious Kudos to whoever is behind this.