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There are two alternatives to document ready that are a bit easier to type

Most JavaScript programmers are familiar with jQuery’s document ready function. There is no doubt that it is a very helpful way to wrap your JavaScript with a cross-browser compatible function that will not run until the document has achieved a “ready” state. While the syntax is fairly simple, there are two slightly less verbose alternatives to the exact same functionality.

Example # 1


In Example # 1, we have the standard syntax for the jQuery document ready function.

Example # 2


In Example # 2, we omit the “document / ready” portion of the equation, and simply insert our function in the following expression $().

Example # 3

In Example # 3, we chain a jQuery ready() function to the return value of the jQuery object: $().ready(). So, when the jQuery object is ready, so is our code.


There is no doubt that the jQuery document .ready() function is super-useful. There is however, more than one way to invoke this functionality.

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