Google Maps LogoAdding an event listener to your map is much like using the addEventListener() method on a DOM element.

In Part II of this article, we learned how to add a marker to a Google Map. In Part III of this article, we will learn how to add an event listener to the map. The google.maps object has an event object. One of that object’s methods is called “addListener()”. It’s not too different from the .addEventListener() method that is used to add an event handler to a DOM element in a web page. The google.maps.event.addListener() method takes three arguments:

  • A target
  • An event
  • A callback

The callback can be a reference to a function declaration (or function expression), or an anonymous function. Inside of the callback, you respond to the user’s click.

Example # 1

In Example # 1, we used the the google.maps.event.addListener() method to set up an event handler for when the user clicks the marker on our map. Since we are building upon the demo from Parts I & II of this article, we pass-in “marker” as the first argument, which is a variable we created earlier, that represents an instance of the Marker() object.

Example # 2

In Example # 2, we instantiate the InfoWindow() constructor. The InfoWindow object is a pretty cool feature that provides abstraction for creating a great looking message window on the map. It takes care of rendering the message graphic, positioning it, and adds a nice touch with a shadow. We pass-in an object with the property: “content”. The value of that property is what will be shown in an info window when the user clicks the marker. We then call the open() method of the InfoWindow instance, passing-in the map and the marker as arguments. The open() method needs those objects in order to know where and how to display itself.

Example # 3

In Example # 3, we expand our event handler a bit. In addition to showing the info Window, we also switch the map to Satellite view, zoom it in, and make sure it is centered on the user’s location.

Here is the link for this article’s working demo:


In this article we learned how to add an event listener to a Google Map. We discussed the google.maps.event.addListener() method, how to instantiate the InfoWindow() constructor, and how to show an info window.

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