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While the new HTML5 video element brings much promise to the concept of full native browser support, it can still be a bit of an effort to provide cross-browser consistency. LongTail Video’s JW Player offers a way to implement some fall-back support and very cool customization. This little puppy does a great job of auto-detecting which method of playback is supported by the user’s device, and presents accordingly. There is support for both Flash and HTML5, skinning, plugins and a very robust API. At the bottom of this post are a few links that will more than get you started. I’ll simply highlight how easy it is to get JW Player up-and-running in your web page.

Example # 1

In example # 1, just to demonstrate that the most current version of JW Player works with a two-year-old version of jQuery, we pull in jQuery 1.4, and what would be a local copy of the jwplayer.js. With that done, we simply call the jwplayer() method, passing in the ID of the element within which we’d like the video player to run, and chain the return value to the JW Player .setup() method. We pass a configuration object to that method, and away we go! The only two requirements here are the jwplayer.js file and the player.swf file.

Example # 2

In example # 2, we added an “events” property to the configuration object, and to that property, we added an onReady method, which starts the video once the player is ready.

Example # 3

In example # 3 there is a code snippet that demonstrates the ability to remove a video from the page. JW Player takes care of all the DOM cleanup, including removing any bound events. You can add the video back in real-time by simply running the original function that appeared in the document.ready() method.


There is plenty (and I do mean plenty) to sink your teeth into here. I’ve only scratched the surface of the surface. If you are looking for a plugin that makes video support easy and offers tons of options, JW Player is a serious contender. Non-commercial use requires no payment and the commercial licence is very reasonable.

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