Learnable LogoIn my first screencast with Learnable, I cover the basics of Mustache.js, a popular client-side JavaScript templating library.

A Subsidiary of the well-known SitePoint brand, Learnable.com has been an independent course platform since 2010. They have a catalog of over 4,000 videos, covering a wide range of technology-specific topics. Learnable’s web site is well organized and easy to navigate. They work with highly-respected professionals who create short videos and long-form courses. The content is top-notch and well-produced.

Mustache LogoIn this video, I cover the basics of Mustache.js. You’ll learn how to include mustache.js in your web page, creating HTML templates, rendering an HTML template with data, as well as rendering a list of values in a template. There are code-examples included with the video as well, in case you want to follow-along and edit the code as you watch.

Here is a link to the Learnable.com Video Page: https://learnable.com/hub/play/79

Many Thanks to Erica Wass and Angela Molina from Learnable for so much help in making this first screencast a success!