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After upgrading from Angular 2 to Angular 4, there were some delightful new errors in my unit tests

After some initial hair-pulling, I’ve finally got my unit tests working again after upgrading from Angular 2 to Angular 4. But once I started running the tests, I found these lovely errors:

I knew it could not be the unit tests themselves; it had to be something low-level. Then it occurred to me that in my Angular 2 implementation, I had a typings.json file in the root of my application to handle types such as jasmine , lodash and moment. But with Angular 4, types are handled in package.json via the @types namespace.

So, after some searching, I found this Stackoverflow article: Angular 2 Unit Tests: Cannot find name ‘describe’. The solution provided worked perfectly for me.

Two Steps:

1 – In package.json, add this line to your devDependencies:

2 – And then in your unit test file (i.e. XXX.spec.ts), add this line:

All of the errors that complain about describe, beforeEach, expect and it should no longer appear in your terminal.

Major credit goes to ksharifbd for this answer. This was a major time-saver!