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Upgrading from Angular beta to Angular RC is a little painful, and things are going to break. I’ve put together some links that helped reduce some of that pain for me.

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of upgrading a client’s singe page application from Angular 2.0.0-beta.12 to Angular 2.0.0-rc.4. As soon as I updated package.json, it broke. I was not surprised, I figured this would happen. Unfortunately, there were more than a few things to fix. Fortunately, the fixes fell into three categories:. 1) The Angular namespace changed. 2) The router changed. 3) Unit tests had to be changed.

None of this was fun, but I got through it. The hardest part was the lack of documentation. I found plenty of out-dated articles with tons of information that was useless to me. Awesome. But the official documentation was minimal to none. And what I found was either tedious  or virtually useless. C’mon ng-folks, you can do better than that.

Here are some links that did provide helpful content for this upgrade:

angular/ at master · angular/angular

Details: Essential information for each version release. I can’t imagine living without this. In particular, you can find out about namespace changes.

Forms Upcoming Change Proposal

Details: Explains the thought-process behind their change to forms. At the very bottom of the article is critical information about how to opt-in to the deprecated forms, or use the new forms module.

Issues after Migration to RC4 in angular2 – Stack Overflow

Details: Some helpful information on breaking changes.

Routing & Navigation – ts

Details: A very detailed explanation of how the new router works. A long read, but also one of the few thorough their documentation pages.

Defining Child Routes · : Angular 2 Training

Details: Another very detailed explanation of how the new router works.


Details: This plunker is very helpful if you need a quick-and-dirty working example of how child routes work in the new router.